Mark Birbeck is top Nomad at Woodland View’s ICS Winter Pairs

The Jubilee Nomads returned to Woodland View this week for the 5th round of the ICS Winter Pairs League

Fresh from picking up a section win from Hillview’s Saturday open the day before with 40lb 8oz Mark Birbeck took the Nomad pound coins this week catching 41lb from Back Deans 38 on a difficult windy day for 4 section points. Marks partner Ian Pitman was on Arles pool and he also did well catching 29lb for 3rd in his section. This gave them 7 points and a 5th place finish on the day.

 Round5 ICS winter pairs league, 46 anglers on Front & Back Deans, High and Arles pools. 1 st J Powell. Maver. H8. 73- 2nd P Bailey. Colmic. H11. 68-14 3rd S lawance. Wmt. D52. 59- 4th R Camden. Mosella. H5. 56-12 Another cold day with a good turn out , Jason had carp to 8lb on Maggot at 11m Teams on day O Boswell. G Clark. 3 S tibbits. T Jones. 5 S brown e Bryant. 6 J widget. A freeman. 6 After 5 rounds with two to go S tibbits. T Jones. 42 P Bailey. C hopps. 45 O Boswell. G Clark. 46 J Powell. R kirslake. 49

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