Phil Seedhouse wins his section at Hillviews Sunday Open

This week Phil, Mark, Stu, Robin, Rob and Andy fished Hillviews Sunday Open which was on Moorhen, Heron and Canal 3 this week.

All the Nomads found themselves all pegged on the Heron pool. Something that has never happened before! After Saturdays frost and heavy rain all day plus a Cormorant swimming around the pool while setting up good weights weren’t really expected. But Hillview is an excellent winter venue and it still fished good with 5 tonnes recorded, especially the 3rd canal which saw 4 tonnes recorded, with 154lb winning the match. Phil and Andy had good matches, Phil Won his section with 81lb 0oz but it was Andy that picked up the Nomad super pool this week, weighing in 84lb.All the rest of the Nomads caught fish. Mark 53lb, Stu 37lb. Robin 36lb, Rob 47lb There can’t be many venues that see 6 of us Nomads catch 338lb of fish between us in November after all that cold rain going in the day before. Hillview fished really well.

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