Stu Thomson wins his section at Hillview’s Sunday Open

This week the Jubilee Nomads returned to Hillview for their sunday open, this week held on Moorhen and Heron pools

The match proved to be really tough by Hillview’s standards and the weights were way down to normal due to the cold weather. Six Nomads fished the open including new Jubilee Nomad, Mark Hall who made his debut fishing with the Nomads. But it was Stu Thomson that continued the Nomad’s recent brown envelope run winning his section with 29lb 8oz  off peg 7 on the Moorhen pool, taking all the Nomads pound coins home. Other Nomads Andy Mitchell, Robin Ballard and Mark Hall all caught fish on the Moorhen pool and were all close to a section winning weights. While Phil Seedhouse and Rob Butcher struggled on the Heron pool. The funniest part of the day was Robin who constantly bleated out that he didn’t want to draw peg 2. In went his hand into the draw bag and you can guess the result. I nice disc with number 2 written on it. Next week the Nomads visit Woodland View on the Sunday for their fur & Feather match. 

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