Section win, The Jam Factory, Willow pool, 67lb

This match was all most a carbon copy of a match four weeks ago. I drew the same peg, Willow 22. 

So with the knowledge gained from that match the plan was to fish Bomb and Bread to the pipe on the left bank and then by the aerator on the pole. I plumbed up a long and short lines straight out in front of me but these didn’t product the last time so I hoped to catch on the bread line and to the aerator.

I started fishing the bomb and bread to the pipe but after an hour without a fish it was time for the rethink. I felt there would be a few carp by the aerator so I fed in some micro’s and left it for an hour while I tried the long and short pole lines. As before during the last match no bites came from the open water swims so the aerator swim needed to come good. 

After another hour I went over to the aerator with the pole baited with a 6mm expander pellet. I began to catch straightway and this is where a stayed for the rest of the match. Bites slowed down after a hour and I decided to change to corn and this seemed to be better and the bites improved. 

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