3 Nomad Tonnes at the Jam Factory

This week just Rob, Phil and Robin fished a Brookfields AC match at the Jam Factory spread over Sycamore and Willow pools, all breaking the tonne barrier! 

Phil and Rob drew on the Willow pool, while Robin found himself pegged on the Sycamore pool. It was that man again Rob that took the Nomad superpool with yet another tonne plus weight, this time from Willow 5 weighing in 123lb even though as usual, only claiming to have a modest 80lb in his nets at the all out. Rob won the pool and finished 3rd in the match. Phil and Robin weren’t to far off the pace, with Phil finishing 2nd on the Willow pool with 115lb from peg 8, while Robin brought home the 3rd Nomad tonne with 112lb from the Willow pool. The match was won by Steve from Brookfields with 129lb on the waggler with 2nd having 124lb 0oz. 

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