3rd placed at Lower Park Fishery in a close finish

This was a Brookfields AC match over Swan and Lowland pools at Lower Park Fishery, Redditch.  

Having checked with Fred the Bailiff prior to the match. I should have taken up his advice earlier in the match. I caught well and ended the match in 3rd place, but this was only a pound in weight off winning the match outright! 

I started the match on the pellet feeder casting over to the far bank. It was a slow start but I did catch a couple of good Carp in the first hour, followed by some small F1’s, but the bites weren’t really coming fast enough to build a good weight. So I went on my pole lines early. My first line was at 13 metres fishing soft pellets over micro pellet. This produced a few stockie carp and a couple of Skimmers but again not really weight builders. I came onto my short  pole line next fishing a 6mm hard pellet where I’d been feeding 4mm’s. I was getting more of a return for my efforts here but again the fish I was catching were on the small side. 

My next option was the right hand margin were I’d been loose feeding corn and pellets since the start of the match. This didn’t produce anything on pellet or corn and to be fair I didn’t really fancy it as it was 4 foot deep. I started to rotate these 3 pole lines and the pellet feeder and I was just picking of the odd fish. There was only one more option up my sleeve. Fred the Bailiff’s suggestion.   

So out to 13 metres but shallow this time with pellets. I’d began to catapult in some 4mm’s for 10 minutes prior to fishing shallow and after a bit of slapping I began to hook some F1’s and the odd silver with a 4mm pellet as hook bite. They weren’t big fish but I was now catching steady and at a better rate than the feeder and pole bottom rigs. A strong side wind was making the fishing difficult but I was now catching.

I played around with just slapping and found 5 slaps returned fish more. A quick change to a 6mm pellet attracted a few big F1’s but in general the 4mm’s where better. 

At the weigh in I had 39lb 14oz to beat, with 39lb 5oz in second. My fish came in at 38lb 14lb which put me in 3rd and a framing weight. But the moral of the story is I should be taken up Fred the Bailiff’s advice and fished shallow a lot earlier. I could have easily won the match. Oh well lesson’s learnt for next time I fish the venue.  

Shallow Rig – 0.2g Nick Gilbert inline Gandhi pole float set up on 0.17 N-Guage mainline with 3 no.10 stotz’s above the float and a cut down 4 inch size 18 SLWG Guru banded Ready rig. Set up on white hydro though a White Short Stop kit

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