Phil Seedhouse and Andy Mitchell win the 1rd Woodland View WL

This week the Jubilee Nomads fished the 1st Round of Woodland View’s Winter Pairs League. 23 pairs were spread over Front and Back Deans, Ghost and High pools. 

Phil Seedhouse and Andy Mitchell ended up winning the round out right to top the league with 4 points. Phil Seedhouse winning High pool with 74lb 0oz and Andy Mitchell taking 3rd place off Front Deans with 36lb and both picking up cash sections wins.

But Jubilee Nomads didn’t stop there with Mark Birbeck 97lb 8oz and Stu Thomson 62lb 12 also picking up section wins. 

Top Nomad on the day was Mark Birbeck who also took home all of the Nomads pound coins. Next Weekend the Nomads are returning to Hillview for their Sunday Open 

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