Section win off the Moorhen pool, Hillview Sunday Open, 66lb 1oz

This weeks Sunday open at Hillview was held on the Lakes, Moorhen and Heron as there was a club match on the canals that are normally used on a Sunday.

I was quite happy with this as I hadn’t fished the lakes for sometime and there is always the chance of catching some bigger sized F1’s and large Carp from these pools compared fishing the canals where it can be a fish race catching similar sized fish all day. The day was cold after a week of heavy rain going into the pools, it could be hard fishing but with no rain and wind forecasted today the plan was to fish maggots on the long pole for most of the day.

Moorhen pool, Hillview peg 19

Starting on Bomb and Bread

I drew on Moorhen 19, not to best of pegs but my mate Andy had fished this peg the day before and caught well so I was confident of a good days fishing. I’d not fished the lakes at Hillview for a while and I was keen for a bit of rod work today, fishing the bomb and bread, so I started on this method first, throwing over to the island in the middle of the pool. The beauty of doing this means you can look around at the other anglers to see how they are doing early on before you’ve fed any pole lines. I did catch a small F1 during the first half hour but a few carp had been taken on the long pole by a couple of anglers and with no wind enabling a long pole to be fished with ease today, after this first half hour I was on the long pole as well. It was still worth trying the bread and bomb first though as I could have caught a few big Carp doing this method while anybody else was fishing a pole. But today given the weather conditions it was a long pole day.

Long pole

So out to 13 metres with triple red maggot as hook bait with a 4×16 F1 maggot rig with a bulk and a couple of droppers to fish on the bottom in around 6 foot of water. I began to cad pot in maggots over the top first to keep the feed in a small area and this produced an F1 straight away and then several more plus a few small Skimmers during the next hour. I was coming back with a fish every put in so I was happy. However with no cloud cover and a low sun at this time of the year it was very difficult to see my float on this line where I’d been feeding. The glare from the sun on the water surface was blinding even with sunglasses on. I needed to make a change. I still wanted to fish in the same area as I felt this was the best place to fish, given the time of the year. The fish would out in the middle of the pool, Although I was now catching more Silvers than F1’s. So I decided to change to cad potting in a few micro pellets over same line and then cattying maggots over to top. I hoped the micro would bring in some Carp and F1’s and push out the small silver fish. Maggots were still on the hook as this is the best bait at this time of the year and cattying in them over a larger area would also hopefully help bring in the bigger fish.

This worked a treat and I soon hooked a big Carp around 10lb. But it didn’t end well! I spent several minutes playing it as I was on light tackle and when I thought it was beaten I went to net it. The trouble was I’d set up my small landing net that I normally use on the canals as they are smaller fish. The net was really to small for this large Carp. I had it half in the net and then it bolted off and the hook pulled. My mistake!! I’d set up the wrong landing net. I’d been using the small one for the canals in recent weeks and now today the match was on the lakes. I should have set up the larger one. The fish was lost and I just hoped if wouldn’t cost me at the end of the match. I was gutted. But lady luck was on my side, when I shipped back out I hooked another large Carp around 7lb and I made sure it was well beaten before netting it this time.

I re-fed with the micro and continued with the cattied maggots hoping for another but it wasn’t to be just the odd F1 and small Carp in-between the Skimmers following these two large carp. Things were slowing down now. I’d been fishing the same line for 3 hours now and with the bright sunny conditions it was probably time to move to my short pole line where I’d been priming with maggots for 40 minutes. At Hillview this can be very good for the last two hours.

Short pole

Into the last two hours now and I hoped to finish off the match short at 2+3 just off the marginal shelf on maggots again. I caught several more decent sized F1’s here and a small Carp but it wasn’t great and a bit of a waiting game so I began alternating between this short line and the long 13 metre line. The long line had completely died now and I finished off the match on the short line, adding a carp around 6lb 2 minutes before the all out. This was caught on double red maggot and I’d spent must of the match fishing three on the hook to avoid the small Silvers. Maybe I should have tried double red sooner?

Weighing in

I’d done a good weight around 60lb on my clicker, which is fantastic for January and a great winter weight. I was 2nd to weigh in at 66lb 1oz. To which the scales man commented “well done your 2nd at the moment” Which seemed strange as I thought the angler 1st to weigh hadn’t caught much but he’d caught some large Carp down his edge during the last hour weighing in 71lb. So I really didn’t know if my 66lb would be good enough to frame but talking to the other anglers along my bank I had beaten them and I won the section. I actually finished in 4th place in the match with the angler who had that 71lb winning the match. I was happy to pick up the default section money but I couldn’t help thinking about that lost 10lber would have won me match!! Must remember my larger landing net the next time I fish on the Lakes at Hillview. That mistake cost me the match.

Best rig of the day

This was a 4×16 Preston F1 pole float in 6 foot of water, set up on 0.17mm Guru N-Gauge with a bulk of no.8 shot 18 inches from the hook with two no.8 droppers above a 6 inch size 18 Preston SFL-B 0.11mm Ready rig set up on green Preston 11 Dura Slip elastic.

4 x 16 Preston F1 Maggot
Size 18 (0.11mm) Preston SFL-B Ready Rig

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