Hillview Two day Festival for Cancer research

The Easter bank holiday weekend saw Hillview Lakes hold a two day festival for Cancer research in memory of two anglers that used the fish the venue before becoming ill, Craig Cox and Francis Porter. The event was well run by Ian Barker and fished in glorious weather conditions over the Friday and Saturday, with 47 anglers supporting the event catching 5,897lb of fish between them. Over the two days the event raised over £1200 for Charity including a coaching day kindly donated by Des Ship.

Day One – Heron pool

Hillview – Heron pool peg 31

I drew on the Heron pool, peg 31 which I was happy with as it has a great margin going into the corner on the left and I felt it would be good for a few fish later on. But early on it was a struggle. The fish clearly weren’t interested in the bright conditions. Going into the last hour I only had 12lb on my clicker, (Still beating the next peg though!) it was a real struggle I couldn’t catch on the bottom or shallow on my long or short pole lines. The margin line did come to life in the last hour and it was ‘one a bung’ but it really it was to late by then, I needed another hour there to catch up. I did bump up my overall weigh up to 53lb but that put an end of doing well in the festival finishing mid way in my section.

Day Two – Canal 3

Hillview – Canal 3 peg 80

Day two saw Canal 3 home for the day, again in bright conditions on peg 80. The wrong end of the pool at this time of the year but I hoped for a good days fishing, The canals had fished well the day before but today it was the other way round. The canals fished poor while the Heron and Moorhen pools that had fished poor the day before sprang into life and everyone bagged up. My peg from the previous day on Heron produced a tonne and that pool was won with 172lb !! I’d just drawn the wrong pools each day. I scraped away to weigh in 40lb off peg 80 the fish really didn’t want to feed on canal 3. So my festival was over. But on the whole this was a great event which I really enjoyed.

The Results

Well done to Jon Pearce on winning the festival. actually winning both days for a perfect score and recording the top weight of 172lb on the 2nd day.

1st place Jon Pearce
2nd placed Lee Payne
3rd placed Jason Powell

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