Phil Seedhouse wins his section at Woodland View’s Fur & Feather

This week we Jubilee Nomads fished two Christmas matches with Fur and Feather’s at Woodland View and Hillview.

Saturday saw Phil, Robin, Rob and Andy travel over to Woodland View for one of their fur and feather matches. A good turn out of 30 anglers were spread over Front and Back Deans this time and all anglers returned home with a Christmas box of goodies after a complimentary bowl of soup and Bread before the prizes were handed out.Phil and Andy drew on Front Deans where Phil won his section with 27lb while Andy who had a bigger weight, 51lb took the Nomad pound coins finishing 2nd in his section. Robin and Rob were pegged together on Back Deans where it fished harder and they struggled but still caught a few fish.

Section winner goodie bag, Many thanks Woodland View
Section winner goodie bag, Many thanks Woodland View

Then on Sunday Stu joined us as we fished Hillview’s Fur and Feather match. This match saw over 50 anglers fishing on all pools on the complex. All anglers returned home of goodie bags of fishing tackle. At Hillview they have a draw after the match where some tackle vouchers are up for grabs. The peg number you draw for the match also goes into a draw for the prizes. There was a 1st prize of a £200.00 fishing voucher and several £100, £50 and £20 vouchers to be won. This is a great idea and gives even the not so good anglers a fair chance of winning a prize and probably why they have such a great turn out for this match. Unfortunately none of us Jubilee Nomads won anything!!Top Nomad on the day was Robin and from canal 1 with 62lb who just missed a section win. Phil also caught well from canal 2 weighing in 46lb and also just missed a section win. Andy, Rob and Stu all caught but didn’t have good draws. In fact Stu’s 13lb was only a couple of lb off a section win on his pool!!

Woodland View Result1st Simon Nicholas senses. D21. 85-42nd Andy pollard. Dgl. D50. 80-123rd Andy Powell. Lobbies. D47. 79-04th Stuart Tibbits. Woodlands. D8. 73-8

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