Andy Mitchell, Top Nomad this week at Woodland View

This Sunday saw Andy, Phil, Rob, Doug and Stu travel to Woodland View for their Sunday Open match

This Sunday saw a good turnout of over 45 anglers spread over Front & Back Deans and Hay pools.

After the social distancing draw Andy and Phil found themselves drawn on Front Deans, 7 and 17. While Stu, Rob and Doug drew in a line on Hay pool, pegs 10,12 and 14.It was Andy’s turn this week to win the Nomad Super pool catching 69lb off peg 7 short on meat over micro. and he was unfortunate not to win his section, missing out by only a lb. Phil weighted in 47lb catching carp in the margins on his top kit but several lost foul hookers throughout the day meant 2nd in his section.

Over on the Hay pool, Stu was top Nomad with 58lb Doug had 45lb and Rob weighed in 34lb. So today none of us main framed in the match which is unusual for us Nomads but at least it was good to all be back catching a few fish.

Result S Campbell. Kiddy. 180-4. D5 J Pendrey. S vets. 155-8. H2 M McDermott. Woodlands. H18. 146-12 K Slade. Peg one. 112-12. D40

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