Robin Ballard picks up Section wins at Hillview and Woodland View

Robin Ballard was the star Nomad over the weekend picking up section wins at Hillview’s Saturday open with another tonne plus weight of 101lb oz. Then he followed that up with 57lb, winning his section on the open at Woodland View on Sunday.  

The Nomads didn’t stop there either on their first visit to Woodland View for a while with all nomads present. (first time for a while) Rob Butcher was top Nomad on the day at Woodland View, weighing in 70lb to win his section on Back Deans and picking up the Nomad pound coins this week. Stu Thomson on Front Deans also picked up a section win with 48lb for a Nomad hat-trick this week. Robin and Rob also qualified Woodland View’s Open section winners final later in the year. 

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