Andy Mitchell, top Nomad at Hillview with a tonne

The Nomads were at Hillview over the Weekend. Fishing the Open on Saturday over the Moorhen and Heron pools and then over the Canals on the Sunday. 

Saturday saw Phil, Robin and Stu in action. All drew on the Heron pool with Phil taking home the Nomad super pool, coming 2nd in section from Heron 34 with 60lb 0oz. Robin weighed in 41lb from peg 32 and Stu caught 35lb from peg 28.Sunday saw Andy, Phil, Mark, Robin and Rob on the Open spread over the 4 canals. Andy on canal one, peg 44 had a great match catching a tonne, weighing in 111lb oz which was 2nd in the section and took home the Nomad  super pool. Robin pegged next to Andy also caught well weighing in 78lb. Phil, Mark and Rob all drew on the 2nd canal and caught fish before the pool switched off, as it normally does! Mark had the top weigh of 62lb, Phil had 50lb and Rob 39lb Hillview continues to fish well with 8 tones recorded on the Sunday match. However you do need to draw on the 3rd or 4th canal at the moment it seems. 

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