Rob Butcher returns to form with a section win at Hillview

This week 5 Jubilee Nomads, Rob, Phil, Andy, Stu and Robin fished Hillview’s Sunday Open, held on the Heron pool and the 3rd and 4th canals.

Robin drew on the Heron pool, Andy finally drew on canal 4 while Rob, Stu and Phil found canal 3 home for the day.  Andy (108lb) and Phil (106lb) each caught over a 100lb pound in the match, but this still wasn’t good enough to beat that man Rob Butcher who won his section with 125lb from peg 70 (his 16th tonne+ weight of the year) on the 3rd canal to take home the Nomad pound coin kitty as normal. All the Nomads caught fish though, just not enough as Rob, but we’re used to that now!! Hillview continues to fish well for the time of year with 9 tonne plus weights recorded in the match.

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