The Jubilee Nomad’s take the top 3 places at Woodland View

The Nomads fished two matches over the weekend, a match at the Jam Factory on Saturday and Woodland View on Sunday. 

Saturday saw four Nomad’s fishing at the Jam Factory on Sycamore and Old pools. Rob Butcher was the star man, drawn on The Old pool. He won the match with 128lb 12oz fishing on the Bomb early before switched to paste on the pole. Robin Ballard also main framed with 74lb 1oz. Other Nomad weights were, Phil Seedhouse 52lb 10oz and Mark Birbeck 38lb 13oz. Sunday saw five nomads at Woodland View for a Brookfield’s AC match on Arles pool. Robin Ballard continued his recent good form fishing hard pellet, for another win, this time weighing in 82lb. Andy Mitchell was 2nd with 65lb and Rob Butcher was 3rd with 59lb. Giving the Nomads the top 3 places.  Phil Seedhouse had 41lb and Mark Birbeck 30lb. Congratulations to Stu Thompson, who took advantage of the afternoon open at Woodland View, due to a late night the night before and qualified the the Sections winners final later in the year. 

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