Robin Ballard wins his section at Woodland View open

This Sunday saw five Nomads fishing the afternoon open at Woodland View with 47 anglers spread over Front and Back Deans plus Barley.

Robin Ballard continued his recent good form winning his section with 95lb from Front Deans, main-framing with a section win and the Nomad pound coins.  Doug Smith also on front Dean weighed in 59lb and Stu Thomson had 38lb. Mark Birbeck on Barley had 38lb and Phil Seedhouse on Back Deans caught 32lb. Result Sunday 2nd June Open PM match S Campbell. Kidderminster. B18. 209- D elsmore. Matrix. D39. 114-6 S west. Woodlands. D34. 105- C hill mosella. D14. 103-12

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