Jubilee Nomads

We evolved in the Spring of 2018 being a break away group of like minded match anglers from a local fishing club. We wanted to fish commercial venue’s every week rather than fishing the same venue every week.

As Jubilee Nomads Our time on the bank is limited so we don’t want to fish rubbish venue’s every weekend. We want to fish good venue’s and to catch plenty of fish. We are lucky to have a choice of some excellent Commercial venues local to us and that’s where we fish.

The beauty of doing this, is that we can pick and choose our next match venue at short notice after seeing the recent match results. If a particular venue isn’t fishing well we just go to one that is. We have our own super pool within these commercial opens. That way even if none of us were to frame in the actual open at least one of us goes home with a few quid. However we do OK fishing these opens and normally at least one of us will mainframe in the actual open.

Not being a fishing club means we do not worry about match fixture lists, Cups and Trophy’s, aggregate points, league’s, fishery maintenance, water levels and fish stocks. We are just a group of match anglers that travel around the Worcestershire area together fishing commercial opens.

Meet us Jubilee Nomads

Phil Seedhouse -Mainly involved with Evesham Jubilee A.S being its secretary for 14 years during the development of the Jubilee fishery where he still holds the venue match record of 163lb before moving from club fishing into just fishing commercial opens, and as you can see enjoys building websites in his spare time.

Andy Mitchell -Another ex Evesham Jubilee angler that’s turned to commercial open matches and another big weight builder. Never afraid to mix it up with the big boys where he’s regularly in the frame.

Rob Butcher – Constantly puts together big weights of fish and can hold his own against anyone, be it a 10 pegger or a 100 pegger. Rob can be devastating when using his favourite paste method where he set our Jubilee Nomad match record of 440lb and definitely the man to beat.

Doug Smith – Always in the frame on multiple venues within the local area, fishing several times a week and it’s not often he goes home without a brown envelope

Robin Ballard – Another big weigh builder on commercials. often picking up brown envelopes . A master at fishing pellets in the margins. A method where he’s sometimes unbeatable.

Stu Thomson – another angler that enjoys fishing several times a week on local commercial venues, where he often picks up. A great lover of winter bomb fishing, building big weights when its hard going.

Mark Birbeck – The Festival organiser! Marks attention to detail also shows in his fishing when he’s not organising the next Somerset festival. Another angler with excellent knowledge built from being there and done it all.

Jubilee Nomads – 2021 Whitehall Teams of 4 winners at the Jam Factory Click HERE to read the post

Commercial Open match wins

  • Phil Seedhouse, Hillview 11/9/22 113lb 3oz
  • Andy Mitchell, Cob House 19/6/22 163lb 8oz
  • Andy Mitchell, Woodland View, 12/6/22 127lb 0oz
  • Andy Mitchell. Woodland View, 15/4/22 102lb 4oz
  • Robin Ballard, Hillview, Canal 3 27/3/22 117lb 0oz
  • Rob Butcher, Woodland View, Back Deans 23/3/22 111lb 0oz
  • Rob Butcher, Cob House, Chestnut 20/3/22 148lb 6oz
  • Phil Seedhouse, Hillview, 6/3/22 57lb 8oz
  • Rob Butcher, Cob House, Oak 20/2/22 120lb 0oz
  • Robin Ballard, Cob House, Chestnut 5/2/22 88lb 10oz
  • Andy Mitchell, Cob house 30/1/22 31lb 15oz
  • Stu Thomson, Manor Farm Leisure 23/12/21 48lb 0oz
  • Phil Seedhouse, Hillview 12/12/21 62lb 8oz
  • Phil Seedhouse, Hillview 12/9/21 141lb 0oz
  • Rob Butcher Woodland View 15/5/21 93lb 4oz
  • Andy Mitchell Woodland View 1/5/21 151lb 8oz
  • Andy Mitchell Solhampton 4/4/21 99lb 14oz
  • Mark Birbeck Solhampton 27/12/20 51lb 0oz
  • Andy Mitchell Hillview 5/12/20 72lb 0oz
  • Rob Butcher Solhampton 25/10/20 100lb 0oz
  • Andy Mitchell Woodland View 22/10/20 54lb 0oz
  • Rob Butcher Solhampton 18/10/20 125lb 8oz
  • Rob Butcher Solhampton 4/10/20 100lb 0oz
  • Stu Thomson Solhampton 6/9/20 106lb 8oz
  • Rob Butcher Solhampton 30/8/20 195lb 0oz
  • Rob Butcher Solhampton 28/6/20 233lb 8oz
  • Rob Butcher Solhampton 21/6/20 121lb 6oz
  • Rob Butcher Moorlands Farm 18/3/20 118lb 14oz
  • Robin Ballard Hillview 23/12/19 78lb 0oz
  • Phil Seedhouse Woodland View 30/12/19 87lb 0oz
  • Andy Mitchell Hillview 9/12/19 100lb 0oz
  • Rob Butcher Hillview 6/10/19 168lb 0oz
  • Robin Ballard Hillview 3/9/19 117lb 8oz
  • Phil Seedhouse Hillview 2/3/19 115lb 0oz
  • Andy Mitchell Hillview 16/2/19 84/lb 0oz
  • Phil Seedhouse Hillview 9/2/19 61lb 0oz
  • Robin Ballard Hillview 2/2/19 36lb 0oz
  • Phil Seedhouse Hillview 24/11/18 81lb oz
  • Phil Seedhouse Manor Farm Leisure 21/1/18 22lb 14oz
  • Phil Seedhouse Manor Farm Leisure 7/2/17 64lb 8oz

Follow our fishing results by reading our match blogs below

Rob Butcher wins the 2022 Jubilee Nomad 3 day Spring festival

This years Spring festival saw the Jubilee Nomads and invited guests enjoy another fabulous 3 days fishing on 3 different venues, where as always the banter flowed through out the duration of the of the festival. This year we fished… Continue reading Rob Butcher wins the 2022 Jubilee Nomad 3 day Spring festival


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